Fighter Jets in Comparison

Every fighter fan probably had this experience already – one gets to see a fighter jet in a museum, at an airshow or – the coolest way – during a fighter jet ride with MiGFlug. And once one is getting closer – it’s like *boah* how huuuge is that thing! Knowing that the fighter jet is pretty big, one is still impressed by it’s size. I had this experience with three aircraft in particular: Blackburn Buccaneer, English Electric Lightning and the Sukhoi Su-27 Flanker. By the way, all jets once offered at MiGFlug.

I therefore had the idea to publish a comparison of a bunch of jets here – knowing that the original is still impressive while the picture of it is not. Hence the title image of that Flanker version showing Pugachev doing a crazy low pass. Have a look at the size of the pilots to realize how big that plane actually is (click enlarge)! Fighter Jets in Comparison





As mentioned above among the jet available for tourist jet flights is the MiG-29 Fulcrum – featured in the video below.

For more information about that particular Edge of Space flight in the MiG-29, have a look Edge of Space Flight.










11 thoughts on “Fighter Jets in Comparison”

  1. l am join in Indian Airforce becaue my derma but my father also work in a INDIAN ARMY ( please sir give me Airforce job)

  2. Good comparison! Gives us a straight forward concept about the relative size of modern jet fighters. Just a little advice, the official name of the Ching-Kuo fighter is called ” F-CK-1″ instead of “A-1”, where CK stands for Ching-Kuo.

  3. you forgot about the largest of them all… the hawker siddeley Nimrod MR2.
    during the Falklands war some were fitted with AIM-9 Sidewinders giving them the distinction of the largest fighter in the RAF at the time

  4. I would love to see how the Avro CF-105 Arrow looks up against those other fighters. It was 23.71m long, 6.25m tall and had a wingspan of 15.24m. It also had a wing area of 113.8 m² (probably the most of any fighter in history). My guess is that it would be second only to the Tupolev Tu-128M Fiddler in size and weight. It was made of titanium and still weighed more than the MiG-31 Foxhound made of stainless steel. That’s saying something…LOL

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