Russian Air Force most modern in Europe by 2020

Modernization of European Air Forces

F-35 operators

Many Air Forces in Europe are currently getting a modern fleet of fighter jets. Mostly 4.5 generation or even 5th generation fighter jets are being bought at the moment.

This is the fighter aircraft shopping list of EU countries, Norway and Switzerland:

  • Switzerland plans to buy 22 Saab Gripen E (Swiss population voted against the purchase)
  • Austria currently operates 15 EADS Eurofighter Typhoon (Eurofighter are 4.5 generation fighter jets)
  • Germany will buy a total of 140 EADS Eurofighters, about half of it are delivered already
  • Italy bought 62 Eurofighters and plans to order a number of 5th generation fighter jets: 60 F-35A and 15 F-35B
  • Great Britain operates 86 Eurofighters (total will be 160) and plans to buy 50 Lockheed Martin F-35B to operate from Aircraft carriers
  • Spain got 36 Eurofighters (total will be 70) and plans to buy 28 F-35A and 32 F-35B Lightning II
  • Netherlands plans to buy up to 85 5th generation F-35A stealth fighter jets
  • Norway ordered 48 F-35A
  • Denmark thinks about buying 25-35 F-35A
  • Sweden plans to buy 80 Gripen E, but will only modernize the fleet if Switzerland participates
  • Finland currently does not plan to modernize the fleet of 62 Boeing F-18C/D
  • France operates 94 Rafale and plans to buy a total of 266

Now what is interesting here? The first thought is that the countries currently suffering from the European sovereign-debt crisis have the largest shopping list: Countries like Spain, Italy and also France plan to buy a lot of very expensive aircraft – the stealthy 5th generation Lockheed Martin F-35 or the Dassault Rafale. In case of France it is to support the own defense industry as Dassault struggles to find export customers despite the former French president Nicolas Sarkozy was seen as the “chief of the sales department” of Dassault. He even tried to sell the Rafale to Muammar Ghaddafi before be bombed him with Rafales along with some allies a few years later.
The sporty size of the fleet was planned before the crisis, it seems this shows the lack of budget discipline these countries obviously have. Northern countries on the same hand do not buy the latest or best fighter aircraft (Sweden, Switzerland, Finland) or operate small fleets (Austria). By the way: Greece also planned to buy F-35s for the Hellenic Air Force.

Turkish Air Force will be the largest Air Force within NATO in Europe

The largest fighter jet fleet by 2020 will be the Turkish Air Force: It currently operates 215 F-16 Fighting Falcon, and a couple of F-4s and F-5s. Furthermore, Turkey wants to order as many as 116 F-35A, it is a level 3 partner in the Joint Strike Fighter program. Turkey is also thinking about developing an own fighter jet with Sweden’s Saab or South Korea’s Korea Aerospace Industries (KAI) to be less dependent of the United States in the future. The current Turkish Air Force fighter jet fleet consists of US fighter aircraft only.

Russian Air Force with a massive fleet Upgrade

The Russian Air Force currently operates the following fighter jets:

  • – 10 Mikoyan MiG-25 Foxbat
  • – 200 MiG-29 Fulcrum
  • – 34 MiG-29SMT Fulcrum E
  • – 100 MiG-31 Foxhound
  • – 150 Sukhoi Su-24M Fencer, 110 Su-24MR, 40 Su-24M2
  • – 110 Su-25 Frogfoot
  • – 60 Su-25SM
  • – 200 Su-27SM, 30 Su-27M2, 20 Su-33, 15 Su-34, all Flankers and Flanker variants 

A Russia Today documentary:

The Russians will buy and operate by 2020:

  • – 24 naval MiG-29K/KUB to operate from Aircraft Carriers (classified as 4++)
  • – 30 Su-30SM
  • – 114 Su-34
  • – 60 Sukhoi Su-50 PAK FA 5th generation stealth Aircraft

From the current Russian Fighter aircraft, many will be retired by 2020, among them older MiG-29 Fulcrum, Su-24 Fencers and Su-27 Flankers. Those are the fighter jets operated in large numbers today. At the same time, the Su-25 Frogfoot and the MiG-31 Foxhound will be modernized.

It seems that the shift of economic power is mirrored by the air defense in Europe.

And here is how they present themselves in 2015:

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50 thoughts on “Russian Air Force most modern in Europe by 2020”

    1. Don’t underestimate Russian resolve and tenacity. A very intelligent people with a rich history and of great intellect.
      Good Luck!!

  1. The world will be much safer if Russia can become the way it used to be in the 80s. At least we need two blocks in this world in order to balance the world order.
    We need security in this world so that the Americans cannot bully the weaker countries. Please Vladimir Putin quicken up the at which you are modernizing your military. Even if we are weak, still we are behind you. May god richly bless you.

    1. Quite in agree. A strong miltary Russia is indeed necessary. Apart from ideological stand points. Hope that T-50 and SU-35 will be soon operational.

    2. Americans don’t bully weaker countries, we are too busy fighting their battles for them. Russians are bullies and the world needs America to keep the bull shit vicks in their place so the world will be safer for every one.

      1. Your a fucking idiot! Brainwashed from that United States of Propaganda! I’m American and know we are bullies and Pushing for the NWO if you’d wake and do some research of your own and not a sheep of fox cnn nbc etc. I wouldn’t have to waste my time. Like really do something on your for once, I heard thinking for yourself is good for you.

      2. americans are probably the only ones who believe that ( that’s probably because your media are soo free and open minded that nobody else’s point of view matters )

      3. What you say might be true if some countries taken off of the list; Syria, Libya, Iraq, Iran, N Korea, Vietnam. Did any of these nations ask for help fighting somthing or someone?

    3. The world just needs everyone to stay home! Modern wars are nothing else than lies and waste of human lives, all in the name of Freedom, what are we still doing in Afghanistan? trying to give Talibans a way of life they do not want or looking for Bin Laden twins? what is the result of interventions in Iraq or Libya? chaos.
      Russia to prevent bullying? really? Every single nation in the world which has the military power will soon or later be a bully, this is history, check it out. Russia is no different than anyone else, they seek power and glory, what’s new? How can a stronger Russia be any better? how exactly did USSR prevent any bullying in the past? As long as Russia does not attack the USA, I can’t care less about them. Some of you praise the existence of two superpowers, look at what we and the USSR did! Vietnam and Korea, both indirect wars between USSR and the USA, causing only negative things.

  2. The World need a strong India. This is very important for the Safety of South Asia.We can not faith on America and Britisher . Who still has not come out with mindset of Imperialism. See the Example of Falkland war , Iraq war .
    Strong India is also necessary to weaken the Terrorism , which is a master plan of Arabian Culture.
    It is need of the Humanity that both India and Russia should act in cohesion and create Peace in our mother planet.

    1. What you mean can’t depend on america or Brits can’t we look after our own affairs India will be great super power to rival. USA and China 1bn people can look out for their own interest? Plus why you Indians don’t trust west any way they are peaceful!

  3. You can be sure if there were two or three hijacked in Russian airspace its Air Force will have interceptors in the air within minutes!!!

  4. The World need a strong Pakistan. This is very important for the Safety of South Asia.We can not faith on India, America and Israel. Who still has not come out of mindset of Imperialism.
    Strong Pakistan is also necessary to weaken the Terrorism , which is a master plan of India.
    It is need of the Humanity that both China and Russia should act in cohesion and create Peace in our mother planet.

  5. to Yashpal Singh Bangari: A stronger India is indeed very welcome. However to say that terrorism: a master plan of “Arabian Culture” borders with some ignorance. Reading the history of the “middleeast” reagion would help you understand what is really happening in that region since colonialism. Also, most if not all of the so called terrorism acredited to “Arabians” has been proven to be false flag operations / inside jobs in order to get a pretext to invade their countries and dominate their energy rich region.

    1. indeed it true- for example the ISIS is hough in the arab world that is a creation of the US and Arabian Gulf nations to restore the political balance in Iraq bacause it was shifted the pro Iranians and also to pave the way to take out the syrian regime either by air strikes or by creating a strong pretexe to arm the free syrian army to destroy the ISIS and after the syrian regime.
      watch this – the ISIS will vanish in an instant.
      but the tragedy is the brainwashed muslims (exploiting their psychological status ( due to hardship and war became terrorist )
      most of the terrorist are newly religious (they know nothing about the islamic jurisprudance) and the inocents that died in the war .

      -most terrorist want to die because they want to suicide but they fear eternal damnation.
      so psychologicaly terrorism is the creation of desperation and hardship and warand brainwashing also the statements of some western polititians like geoge bush before going to Iraq he said that it’s a crusade (a very sensitive topic and the most damaging event in the entire muslim history aside from the mongol invasion)
      the killing of a human being for no reason is automatic hell it’s in the coran – (civilians in this case) so the terrorism is a new phenomenon in the arab world.
      the 11/09 is hell for the instigators – it’s undisputed
      + osama benladen was a cia agent and was cought in Sudan in 1998/1999 and the US did not want to take him despite he was wanted.
      and there is many americans and foreigners that think it’s a inside job with mossad’s involvement to create a anti-muslim/arab sentiment and exploite this moment to go to war in Iraq/afghanistan with no public objection.
      i’m as a muslim and a moroccan i don’t get what the hell is happening.
      Morocco is a terrorism free country because there is no secterian dividions/tensions instigated by Iran and there is no oil ressources and if there is in the future we don’t plan to nationalize it – these days if u plan to nationalize something u must be Russia or China
      the US created many terrorist organisations in the middle east and in afghanistan for proxy wars and to destabilize non allied regimes in this case Iraq/Syria
      and it was a fact that yemen algeria and Egypt created terrorist oraganisation/secert services to justify their military rule/martial law.

      why there is no terrorism in turkey malaysia morocco central asia indonesia… all are muslim countries

      tunisia is a new democracy and it targeted by terrorsits comming from algerian borders
      there is a war between two camps in the arab world – the demcratic camp and the autoritarian one.Tunisia is the only democratic country and it’s targeted Egypt a coup d’état – algeria a coup d’étatc and a civil war – terrorsim creation like a said earlier and yemen too + secterian issues in the near east and the Iranian involvement (cold war between Iran and the Arabian penisula as a whole block).

      bottom line is that terrorim didnt exist until the 1990s (after the fall of the soviet union) so with the rise of China and Russia terrorism will cease to exist because the middle east will be more stable.

      as for India – India hates pakistan -after the bangladesh cession due to india intervention pakistan was gone as a strong rival + India is the first one to develope nuclear bombs and detonated it in 1971.India because it’s strong wants to devide pakistan and become the sole power in south asia – so pakistan had to develope nuclear arms-the whole thing begun after the whole kashmiri people wanted to join pakistan after the british left but the hindu prince ceded it to India . Pakistan fear that india blocks the water comming china through kashmir + kashmir has always been part of the islamic world and to a certain extent independant.
      so why there is no referundum in kashmir where was the security council.
      i think Kashmir if india don’t want it to join pakistan the hole kashmir needs to be independant – or to agree on the current borders and other related issues and to overcome the hatred fuled by the media for decades and become trade partners
      India has won and it has to look to the future the pakistani issue is created by polititians to secure votes – Pakistan is a very poor country and is very destabilised by the war in afghanistan and cessionist movements- pakistan wants to deal with poverty and macroeconomical issues-Inda wants to justify it military spendings instead of fighting poverty (to be a global power ) by creating the pakistani threat instead of talking openly about the chinese threat (because the chinese are strong unlike poor pakistan) (besides arabian culture has nothing with terrorism nor Islam – Islam is a religion the arabs where there long before Islam) i hate arabian culture as well and by arabian i mean the arab penisula because the arabs means arab speaking not ethnic arabs (for example it Egyptians are Egyptians but the speak arabic).

      the whole arab wold is devasted by instability this is the strategy of the great powers after sykes-picot agreement and the breakup of the ottoman empire-no stable states were created just fragmented entities ruled by dictators doing what their masters want- in a cycle of violence and counter – violence gaving birth to unsupported revolution turning to terrorism (France was helping the tunisian dictator until he escaped Tuinisa and offered arms and special forces to counter the most pieceful revolution of all (jasmin revolution)).

  6. Take a look at the nationality emblem still on not only Russian military aircraft, but Russian Naval vessels…

    Google: ‘Photos: Antonov An-12BK-PPS Aircraft Pictures | Airliners net’


    Google: ‘MiG-23UB Share this photo on forums’

    Then for Russian Naval vessels (take a look at what’s still appended to the bows):

    Google (enlarge picture): ‘Russia seeks sea power with decrepit fleet Base expansion likely an empty threat’

    Those pictures were taken in 2009, 2011 and 2001, respectively, not before the “collapse” of the USSR. As you can see, the hated Soviet era emblem of the Communist Party…the Red Star… is still present. That hated political symbol of the Soviet government would have been immediately removed in early 1992 if the “collapse” of the USSR were genuine.

    Now you know why the hated Communist Red Star is still placed on the bows of NEW Russian Naval vessels (and the wings of Russian military aircraft), and why the “electorates” of the 15 republics that made up the USSR continue to “elect” for President Soviet era Communist Party Quislings. There have been 52 such Presidential “elections” since the “collapse” of the USSR, resulting in 40 Soviet era Communist Party member Quislings being elected. That’s 76.92%! If the “collapse” of the USSR were legitimate not one such Quisling would have been elected President. In fact, such persons would have been either arrested in the interests of national security or shunned by society. Remember, Communist Party members made up no more than 10% of the USSR, and it was they who for 74 years persecuted the remaining 90% of the population.

    Imagine it’s 1784 America. The Treaty of Paris (1783) was signed the previous year ending the revolutionary war with Britain. So who do the electorates of the newly independent 13 colonies elect for their respective governors? They elect persons who were Loyalists (American supporters of Great Britain) during the war for independence! Of course, in reality the persecution was so bad for Loyalists in post independence America that they had to flee the country en masse for Canada.

    Or try this one out: After the collapse of the South African Apartheid Regime in 1994, the majority black population reelect for their Presidents only persons who were National Party members before the 1994 elections!

    In addition, the KGB agent Quislings that controlled the Russian Orthodox Church before the “collapse” of the USSR are to this day still in control! They were never identified and thrown out of that institution after the “collapse” of the USSR! The same is true for the other 14 republics of the USSR, including East Bloc nations.

    The fraudulent “collapse” of the USSR (and East Bloc) couldn’t have been pulled off until both political parties in the United States (and political parties elsewhere in the West) were co-opted by Moscow. Recall President Reagan’s favorite phrase, “Trust, but verify”? Well, the West never did verify the collapse of the USSR, nor the collapse of the East Bloc, and the fate of the West depends on such verification.

    1. Dude don’t talk shit about south africa if you have no clue what happened here in 1994 you arrogant asshole! Stop spreading stupidity!

    2. Dean Michael Jackson, your “analysis” are based on cnn/fox/bbc propaganda.
      regarding in post soviet electorat- why does it matter who they elect, main thing is the socialist/communist economical system is dismantled and free marked economy is implemented (implementing).

  7. Right now russia have around 1100 operative fighters.

    and according to you 228 will be added until 2020 but you forget

    of the 300 SU-24 200 will go out and be replaced by 114 SU-34

    20 more MIG 31 will go out, 90 more SU-25 will go out. Russian officeiels says most of theier MIG 29 is not able to fight because the lack of service during the collaps of the soviet. Only 100 or less is cleared for operations.

    I doubt they have 60 SU-50 at 2020 they havent even started the production in full scale yet
    so all i all 300 – 400 plane will go out and be replaced by 200 or less planes
    make the total capacity ogf fighters going down from 1100 to around 900

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  9. Ah you guy’s you know what one thing is true . Russian sams are the best of the world and i dont think if thay was’ nt that the US dos’ nt atac them just remember the cryses on black see abaut georgien . Russian defences russian major posesd teritory if thay was not enough powerfull does you think thay would’nt be beted by USA …

  10. “Or try this one out: After the collapse of the South African Apartheid Regime in 1994, the majority black population reelect for their Presidents only persons who were National Party members before the 1994 elections!”

    That is the biggest load of garbage I have ever heard. And I am South African…

    1. Didn’t you understand that he was making the argument that old style Russian totalitarianism never really died out and that the collapse of communist rule was never really a complete collapse? He is using reductio ad absurdum to make the point, not saying that the scenarios actually happened. Get it?

  11. A multipolar world will be a better world and maybe will stop the US from going into foolish pushed by the 4 great lobies in the US the drugs companies oil companies arms lobby and the zionist lobby – because of the US as the sole ruler of the world – the middle east is devastated which created counter violence called radicalization and terrorsim + palestine is still under continious settelments building and war crimes encouraged by the US Vito …
    I hope China will rise and protect it rights in the south china sea and the samething for Russia and the arctic – as the US said oil is crucial we need to go to war (even if it thousands miles away ) while china has no rights in the spratley islands and russia in the north pole . both China and Russia are uclear and technological powers-China and Russia need to be as close as the US and the EU to protect their rights – the US wants to team up with India , Asia must be allied India Russia China as it main Powers all nuclear states-neighbours must become allies/partners like solving the problems between India Pakistan and China – China and Japan -China and southeast asia+ the US must not be envolved in Asia – devide and conquer it the US ‘s motto.
    Power corrupts it master – it happened to the US Nazi germany …
    a new world order is a new multipolar word as natural the one world goverment is the biggest sceam in history

  12. Honestly, the title of the article is wrong. Because from the data provided in the article. Russia clearly won’t have the most Modern Fighter Jets by 2020. As a matter of fact Russia would be lucky to field a single squadron of PAK-FA’s by that time. While several Western European Air Forces would have a fleet of Rafale, Typhoons, and/or F-35’s.

  13. China and Russia mutual defense treaty to counter US and Japan and Europe, with India abstaining or with US and Japan. Canada and Australia will of course swing with US & Brit.

    Japan will simulate a US attack on China which will provoke a Chinese reaction against US, then Japan and Europe will hit Russia, and what remains will be Japan, as Europe gets wiped out by what remains of Russia.

    What remains of US will hit what remains of China and what remains of China will hit Japan. India will be the survivor if it stays neutral and will rule Asia, unless Pakistan attacks India.

    Africa and Latin America will remain intact, along with Australia. Eventually nuclear winter sets in and the remaining countries succumb.

    A million years later, they rediscover the Egyptian pyramids and parts of the Great Wall of China, and Disneyland.

  14. I’d bet the only thing constant between Russian MiG’s of today vs. the MiGs of the VN era, are the Soviets pilots taste for Vodka. I can tell you first hand, that no two MiG-21 AB’s ever lit at the same time. WTF, over. Remember a “MiG at six is better than no MiG at all.”

  15. Go Putin! Have a few “rogue” bombers accidently launch a few nukes into Germany (you know you have always wanted to do a tribute to Stalin), naturally claim you had nothing to do with it, deny you have any nukes on planes and just wait and see what happens. After a few months of waiting until the media has something else to report, you can do it again, this time with those rail launched IRBM that you are “dismantling” and blame it on some disgruntled soldiers who are on leave without pay. Europe might respond with a few more sanctions but never mind those, you will still be able to get your underage prostitutes from Italy. And if those Americans ever do something more than rhetoric and banning trips to Disneyland you can easily distract them by paying Kim to fire a few rockets at South Korea. China wont do anything so long as you let them seize the south China Sea and frankly having China reclaim the Philippines would be suitable retaliation for the lack of access to Mickey Mouse.

    We are behind you 100% of the way Putin …. carrying an axe handle and waiting for you to bend over….

  16. The World needs a strong Mars. This is very important for the Safety of Earth. We can not have faith on Venus, Jupiter and Mercury. Who still has not come out of mindset of Imperialism.
    Strong Mars is also necessary to weaken the Terrorism , which is a master plan of Venus.
    It is need of the Humanity that both Jupiter and Pluto should act in cohesion and create Peace in our mother planet.

  17. The USA under Bush over reacted and ignored it’s allies in the 2nd Gulf War. Very few in USA defending that now. The press here frequently gets things wrong or sensationalizes things but the truth comes out. In Russia the press is the tool of the government and censoring is expected. Vocal critics get taken down or jailed. They block Western news they don’t like so the population knows no other opinions or facts. Not possible in US, where the government frequently is severely criticized by its own citizens, and foreign news sources are readily available. And consider this, the rebels in the Russian speaking area of the Ukraine wanted to rejoin “Mother Russia” The Russians helped the rebels by stealth and by proxy. The Russians would only admit to Russian military “volunteers” spending “vacation” in the Ukraine. LOL! Didn’t Hitler use a similar justification for invading it’s neighbors? Sorry you are not better off with Russia “balancing” the USA. Instead you will get caught in the middle. Of course you can always work us for more “foreign aid” by faking an alliance.

  18. Ehhh – It seems that you don´t understand that of the Nato countries listed (not Turkey), they are about to have about 1 000 new fighter jets – all better than anything Russia has. Also take into consideration that they will be equipped with Meteor missiles… Sweden will procure 70 new aircraft (decided) but will probably keep its current 100 C/D version. All will be equipped with Amraam and Meteor. Actually, Sweden will be the first country to take Meteor into operative use (Q1 2015). Finland is about to upgrade its Air Force, probably with Gripen E, Switzerland already got F/A 18 A but will now probably lease Gripen planes.

    So 1 000 new European Nato planes, plus about 250 planes from Sweden, Finland and Switzerland. Note – US and Canada not counted. Turkey is not to be trusted so I don’t count them in. Russia can´t measure up to this might an any way.

  19. Dude the U.S.A is weaker its depending on the Nato in order to threathen russia. I wonder what would happen if N.Korea joined forces with Russia. The USA would be a dog with its tail in the ass.

  20. Is this topic for idiots? Where is russia and where is modern?
    In Odessa says: “This is two big differences”.
    They even don’t have LCD for their jets, they buy them from France… And modern electronic also.

  21. Best AF by 2020, YGTBSM. Maybe with a bottle of vodka as the co-pilot. I’d bet, the capability differenc(es) between Russia’s MiG-21 and USA’s F-4’s during the VN Air War, still exists in today’s fighters. I’ll still take a MiG at six any day.

  22. usa is biggest terror in the world . usa is biggest enemy of islamic country in the world .his single mission is to ruin islamic countries as like his ancestors tried but one more salahuddin ayubi must will rise and then islamic countries will rise and will rule all over the world

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