MiGFlug is a highly specialized Swiss company.

Who Is behind MiGFlug?

MiGFlug was founded by Philipp Schaer and Flavio Kaufmann in 2004. Both founders are aviation enthusiasts and love to be personally on site during the flights whenever possible. To find the best aerodromes for MiGFlug offers, they have extensively traveled central and eastern Europe and are well aware of the local customs and conventions of these countries.

What Is the Aim of MiGFlug?

MiGFlug was founded to offer aviation enthusiasts and people interested in technology the unique opportunity to experience an unforgettable adventure in the world's best fighter jets.

What Makes MiGFlug Special?

We are a small, highly specialized company that operates without expensive intermediate distributors. Partner companies lake Smartbox, Jochen Schweizer, maydays or Kuoni benefit from our know-how and high quality and resell our offers under their own brands.

A Carefree Experience.

Through our cooperation with specialized incoming travel agencies, we are also able to offer supplemental services such as hotel reservations, visas or airline tickets customized to the wishes of our clients. This allows you to fully concentrate on your jet flight.

Why You Can Trust Us.

We are aware that not only low prices, but also trust is a key factor to success. Only through the trust brought forth to us by jet pilots and officials are we able to offer our flights. We appreciate the trust you as our customer brings forth to us: Personalized advice before and after your flight, personal accompaniment to the airfield on request and permanent availability speak for us.

Who and What Is MiGFlug?

Behind MiGFlug.com is the company MiGFlug & Adventure GmbH, with headquarters in Greppen / Lucerne, Switzerland and a subsidiary in Zurich.

How Was MiGFlug Created?

MiGFlug was created when Philipp Schaer and Flavio Kaufmann met a Russian military pilot during a trip to Russia. Together, they first offered flights primarily from Russia. Due to increasing demand for flights closer to clients, MiGFlug has since expanded its key partnerships to Europe and the US, and is the worlds only company that is specialized in offering fighter jet flights on three continents. MiGFlug survives from the enjoyment of aviation, the commercial aspect playing only a secondary role.

Commercial, Personal and Strategic Partnerships.

MiGFlug & Adventure GmbH is the preferred partner and the official public representations of jet operators - this can be defense forces, associations or private jet holders. MiGFlug, in it's position as highly specialised consultancy for jet operators, supports them with various services, such as financing, legal advisory and other services. Within the US and Europe we closely collaborate with various jet operators that have granted us exclusive marketing rights for their flights. A multitude of resellers, amongst them notable companies such as Smartbox, Jochen Schweizer, mydays, TUI and Kuoni rely on us as their partner that actively supports them with know-how and media for the resale of our flights under their own brand. MiGFlug is an attractive business partner for tour operators, destination management companies, incentive agencies/MICE-suppliers and adventure gift retailers. If you are interested in a partnership with MiGFlug, please contact us. We are looking forward to your inquiry.



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Flavio Kaufmann

Flavio-Kaufmann 01

Flavio Kaufmann, M.A. UZH in political sciences and international relations, graduated while working on Russian politics. Since his childhood he has been enthusiastic about Russian aviation. At MiGFlug, Flavio is responsible for technical matters, new and upgraded websites and the development of MiGFlug's own CRM system. Flavio speaks German, English and French fluently and has basic knowledge of Russian and Spanish.

Philipp Schaer

Philipp-Schaer 01

Philipp Schaer studied international relations and management and economics at the University of Zürich and the University of Wroclaw. He graduated with a Masters degree. At MiGFlug, Philipp is primarily responsible for the strategy and the development of the company, the marketing management as well as the partner and reseller relations. He is also responsible for the content marketing - including all of MiGFlug's social media channels and blogs - and the countless content creators that contribute to it. Also, Philipp takes care of MiGFlug's finances - but that's the part he'd like to get rid off.