Unique Events for Aviation Enthusiasts

Jet Flights, Formation Flying, and Supporting Programs

If you don't want to book an individual jet flight with us but want to take part in a larger event, you can find our unique aviation events here. At our events you will get to know like-minded people, you can fly a jet yourself, and you can watch many takeoffs and landings from the ground. You'll chat with pilots and enjoy the lively atmosphere and the smell of Jet-A1 over the airfield. Depending on the event, there are additional highlights such as formation flying, a grill party on the aerodrome, museum visits, or astronaut training.

Upcoming Event? Ask Us!

We will gladly organize an event for you. Whether it be a unique corporate event with jet flights or a special private occasion amongst aviation enthusiasts or action fanatics: Ask us about our group events. We are sure to be able to offer you something that will inspire your participants and strongly impress them.

Incentive Events

MiGFlug has experience with incentive events and has received very positive feedback from its customers. Most people don't know about the possibility of flying in a fighter jet, and it's a huge surprise to them - especially when customers hear that they can control the jet themselves!

Our product range spans from a jet flight as a management incentive for a single person up to a program for up to 30 participants with transportation by a historic Soviet Antonov 2 and an appealing support program. Naturally, the Antonov may also be controlled by every single participant during the flight.

Low Pass during an Incentive Event

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