Total Weightlessness Exists only in Space - or with MiGFlug.

In the Training Aircraft of the Cosmonauts

MiGFlug arranges weightless flights for various purposes: The aircraft can be used as flying laboratories, to perform experiments under various gravitational loads. We can be of service to arrange various experiments in equipment testing, bio-technology, or medicine. With the help of MiGFlug, these experiments can be performed at a much lower cost.

The weightless flights are also suitable for less scientific purposes: For corporate outings, group events, or marketing projects: Weightlessness has always been something that fascinates people.

An Extraordinary Amusement: Experience Weightlessness like an Astronaut

Feel like an astronaut and literally lift off! Regardless if you would like to combine your flight with holidays in Florida or with further flights in Russia, we have the ideal offer for you.

How Does Zero-G Work?

Large transport aircraft like the Boeing 727 in the US or the Iljuschin IL-76 MDK in Russia fly multiple parabolic trajectories. During the parabola there is a phase of weightlessness.