Red Skies - Follow the Footsteps of Flying Legends!

The Cold War at your Fingertips

The Red Skies program makes the hearts of aviation fans beat faster und uniquely combines living aviation history, adrenaline in the cockpit of a fighter jet and diving into East European history and culture. Highlights of the 3 day trip are the flights to and from the Czech Republic in a Russian officer transport Antonov AN-2, champagne reception at the aerodrome on your arrival and an action packed flight in a L-39 Albatros.  But wait, there's even more: After a glass of Novgorod Vodka (Novgorod is the City where MiG Aircraft were produced), an extensive bohemian feast meal and a night in the superficially quiet, but in the cellar vaults vibrant city of Pilsen the awaits you.

We are proud to be able to welcome you to this unique experience together with our partners Antonov Club Switzerland Avianna / ANC and the drinks importer Haecky Drink & Wine AG.

Day 1: AN-2 Flight Birrfeld-Leutkirch-Pilsen

A totally New Way to fly

Forget about check-in, security checks, and boarding gates: In Birrfeld our guests have direct access to the airfield. Like in the good old days you can carry your luggage yourself to the aircraft and hop in - Flying as simple as riding a train. The Antonov-2 that will bring you to the Czech Republic and its crew will be awaiting you.

You Can Control the AN-2 yourself

Jean Voegelin, Captain of the Soviet officers transport Antonov AN-2 and his first officer Michael Sigrist as well as a MiGFlug flight attendant await you at Birrfeld aerodrome. After a tour of the aircraft and interesting words about its history, you take your seat in the 12-seated biplane from the cold war era. The door is closed, the radial engine jumps to life and after just a few hundred metres you're in the air. The cruising altitude of only 300-1000 meters turns flying into an adventure once again. The Rheinfall or the Lake of Constance seem within reach. During the flight, interested passengers may take a seat in the copilots cockpit, and may control the aircraft under the Captain Jean Voegelins skillful instructions.

Champagne Reception on a Soviet Airport

After a customs stop in Leutkirch where immigration formalities are cleared, you will take a break and have a snack, then the flight continues. About 90 minutes later the Antonov lands on a former Soviet airbase in Pilsen, where travelers are greeted on site with a glass of champagne. During the reception you can already inform yourself about tomorrow's flight and marvel at the jet aircraft assigned to you for tomorrow.

A bus of the Czech transport services will be ready to drive you to the city of Pilsen. After a shower at the hotel, we invite you to an extensive dinner at the traditional tavern U Mansfelda where bohemian specialties like grilled duck, knuckle of pork, sausages, red cabbage and dumplings are served.

Day 2: The Day of your Jet Flight


The Trip to the Aerodrome

The day begins early. After an ample breakfast, your tour guides will arrange for the transport by bus to the airbase together with the other participants. The access permits are already issued, so the bus can access the aerodrome unhindered.

Technicians have already towed the aircraft out of the hangars and are busy with refueling and checking the systems. The L-39, an aircraft that almost every MiG-29 pilot has trained on, will inspire you. Its cockpit offers perfect visibility to both you and the pilot. Because the L-39 is also used for training, your cockpit is fully equipped with all the instruments the pilot has at his disposal.

Professional Preparation for a Safe Flight

The flights are carried out in alphabetical order. The first group is asked to follow the pilots to the briefing room, where they receive comprehensive instructions for their L-39 jet flight. The pilot explains the systems and the various maneuvers. Special attention is needed for the ejection seat training, where the emergency procedures are trained. Afterwards, every participant receives a flight suit and a helmet, and nothing's in the way for your flight to begin.

In the Cockpit of your L-39 Jet: The Highlight of the Trip Begins.

The aircraft is now fueled and ready at your disposal. A technician helps you get in to the cockpit and fastens your seatbelt. The pilot then climbs up next to your cockpit and explains the most important systems once more. You also have the chance to ask questions before the flight begins.

After removing the ejection seat's safety lock, The canopy is closed and the aircraft taxies to the runway.

The Flight: Maximum Speed above the Airfield

After receiving clearance, you take off. Right after departure, your pilot will fly a roll that will force you into your seat and let you feel the power of the jet. If operational constraints allow, you will also fly a low pass with up to 600 km/h just a few meters over the ground and the heads of your fellow co-travelers. During the later part of the flight, the pilot will demonstrate maneuvers like loops, rolls, split-s, Immelmann-turns, and many more. After that, he will give the command "your control!", and you can fly the the jet through the learned maneuvers yourself. After landing, there is a hand shake with the pilot and a souvenir photo of you, your pilot and the jet. You also receive a personalized certificate with the details of your flight from your pilot.

After the Flight, Time for Refreshments

Due to refueling and checks of the aircraft about 2-3 flights can be performed per hour. For the spectators, we will provide a barbecue at the airfield, cool beer and novgorod-vodka in honor of the Russian flying legends, and ensure that you won'tbe bored. Naturally we also offer Coffee, Sodas and Cola.

After Sundown, the Czech Party can Begin

After everybody has flown, the bus brings you back to the city. Those who want to can now enjoy the vibrant Pilsner night life: Clubs for every taste invite to linger or to dance. Surly you have gotten to know some interesting people by now, with whom you would like to make a toast to your adventures - now is your opportunity!

Red Skies - Impressions