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We'd like to point out that MiGFlug is trying hard to be a very fair, generous and customer friendly company. Also, we have a very strong focus on safety. The safety if our customers is taken very seriously and we only offer first class, professional flights. Therefore we can proudly announce that we never had even a smallest incident and any legal problems so far since 2004 - with hundreds of flights every year!

Personal Care

A member of the company will attend to each of our customers personally until the departure to your chosen airbase. In case there are any questions, we are available at all times. If however by any chance we should not be on call, please send us an E-Mail. We shall get back to you quickly. While on the airbase, your pilot will look after your interests, flights in Russia contain an additional and charming personal representative and interpreter Furthermore, our office is here for you always, no matter the issue. Even if you've never traveled anywhere: with us, you don't have to worry. Several years of traveling and being in the business accustomed ourselves to local peculiarities - even and especially in Russia. At any rate, you'll profit from our experience. And naturally, we will be more than happy to advise you by email, phone or via one of the social media channels. During your stay on the airbase, we in Zurich as well as our local team are there for you, too.

Friendly Care and Pilots

MiGFlug only pleasant and sociable Top-Pilots. Our customers are supposed to be comfortable during their day of flight and unconditional trust in the pilot is an important part of the adventure. Many of our customers feel a certain tension at the beginning. However, after the thorough briefing with our quiet, friendly and confident pilot, they all feel completely at ease. All of them are either former military pilots, test pilots or instructors. 

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Quality means safety

It's always "Safety first" if you deal with MiGFlug - Be it the choice of the aircraft, the maintenance or the pilot. We have a no compromise policy when it comes to safety. This results in "zero incidents" with thousands of flights since 2004.

Low Prices

We supply a superior service at prices as low as possible. According to our mission statement, this unique adventure should be affordable for anyone. The slender structure of our company allows us to avoid unnecessary costs that we'd have to pass on to you, the customer. 

Highest Possible Transparency

As we definitely don't have to be ashamed of our attractive prices, we can easily publish them clearly on our page. All prices include all taxes and fees. No further cost involved with the flight.

The Customer is King

You, the customer, have a say in the flight program. We will be responsive to your wishes whenever possible. You can create your own flight program - according to your preferences.

Optimal Airfield

We have inspected countless airfields worldwide to be able to supply our customers with the best site for every plane. Often these are military airbases - to make the whole experience as authentic as possible.

Philipp Schaer

Philipp-Schaer 01

Philipp Schaer studied international relations and management and economics at the University of Zürich and the University of Wroclaw. He graduated with a Masters degree. At MiGFlug, Philipp is primarily responsible for the strategy and the development of the company, the marketing management as well as the partner and reseller relations. He is also responsible for the content marketing - including all of MiGFlug's social media channels and blogs - and the countless content creators that contribute to it. Also, Philipp takes care of MiGFlug's finances - but that's the part he'd like to get rid off.

Flavio Kaufmann

Flavio-Kaufmann 01

Flavio Kaufmann, M.A. UZH in political sciences and international relations, graduated while working on Russian politics. Since his childhood he has been enthusiastic about Russian aviation. At MiGFlug, Flavio is responsible for technical matters, new and upgraded websites and the development of MiGFlug's own CRM system. Flavio speaks German, English and French fluently and has basic knowledge of Russian and Spanish.