Hawker Hunter

The Hawker Hunter was used as a fighter aircraft and as a fighter bomber. In Switzerland, the Hunter's service was especially long totaling at 37 years, which is probably the reason for the Hunter having such a large fan community among the Swiss. Its main missions in various airforces was the ground support role. The Hunter convinces with its first class flight characteristics. The Hunter's history begins with the flight of the prototype in the summer of  1951. Many airforces counted on its loyal service throughout many years: It was in service with most airforces up until about 1980. The most enthusiastic Hunter operators were the Singapore airforce and the Swiss airforce. There, the Hunter remained in active service from 1958 to 1994. In total, 1972 Hawker Hunter airframes were built, either directly at Hawker Siddley or under licence at Avions Fairey in Belgium or at Fokker in the Netherlands.

With the Royal Air Force (RAF), the Hunter was also used as a frontline attack and fighter aircraft up to the commissioning of the English Electric Lightning - on which MiGFlug also offered flights until 2010 at ThunderCity in Cape Town.

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"Hawker Hunter"-
due to its versatility, the Hawker Hunter was often used as a ground attack aircraft or for air reconnaissance missions.

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Technical Data

The Hunter is a versatile heavy fighter and fighter bomber from the cold war era.

  • Service ceiling: 15.250 m
  • Range: 350-570 km
  • Maximum takeoff weight: 10.885 kg
  • Wingspan: 10,26 m
  • Length: 13,98 m