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How Can I Book a Military Jet Flight?

Please choose one of our flight offers on the right to get information about the aircraft and the location. You will also have the possiblity to book your fighter jet flight there.

You Can Fly the Fighter Jet Yourself - or Give the Flight to Someone as a gift.

All our jet flight programs are available as a gift - you choose if you want to fly the jet yourself or present it as a unique gift to a beloved family member, an important business partner or whomever you like. Who will fly the jet is entirely your choice.

Things To Keep in Mind When Flying a Jet.

Generally everybody is able to fly with us as long as they are in good health. An experienced instructor will fly with you and provides for your safety. Please note that depending on the airfield you choose, it may take up to 45 days to obtain the access permission. On the other hand, some airfields allow entry on short notice. Please choose from one of our offers on the right for further details about a particular flight in a fighter jet.

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