Fly over Peaks and Alleys with Extreme Agility - the Hawker Hunter Jet Fighter

There are topographic scenarios, in which a fighter jet flight makes particularly high demands on both the pilot and the aircraft. The Swiss Airforce operates daily in these difficult regions: High and jagged peaks, narrow valleys and tightly constricted airspace due to the relative small size of the nation. Up until the year 1994, the Swiss Airforce counted on the service of the English Hawker Hunter. With MiGFlug you have the opportunity to fly one of these double seated fighters, naturally under the supervision of an experienced pilot.

With the Hunter, an extremely agile aircraft in subsonic regions awaits you: low passes over mountain peaks and flights close to the ground are no problem for this jet. It is not surprising that the Hawker was used by the Swiss Airforce's Patrouille Suisse display team for many years. However, there is a small disadvantage to this aircraft: it is rather high-maintenance, which is reflected in the flight price.

We would like to point out that Hunter flights have quite low availability - please contact us well in advance.

Fly a Hawker Hunter in the Swiss Alps

The most important thing about a fighter jet is its pilot! We have numerous Swiss Airforce pilots, that have flown the Hawker Hunter for decades. The Hawker Hunter was operational in Switzerland as a fighter and fighter bomber during 37 years.

We give you the opportunity to fly the Hawker Hunter fighter bomber with these experienced pilots. Key maneuvers from pilot training as well as from air combat are flown: loop, cuban eights, inverted flight, or controlled spins are just a few of the possibilities.

A Panoramic View of the Alps and an Absolute Sense of Delight - Based in Switzerland

Switzerland is known to be a fortified nation, despite its neutrality. For this reason, you may now fly a former Swiss Airforce fighter jet of the type Hawker Hunter. Be sure not to miss the beautiful countryside and cordial people of the small alpine state when you are visiting. Whether Bern, Zurich or Geneva, a cosmopolitan mentality and modern cities are waiting to be explored with all their advantages.

"Hawker Hunter"-
due to its versatility, the Hawker Hunter was often used as a ground attack aircraft or for air reconnaissance missions.

Very good flight characteristics

Subsonic flight only

More information about the Hawker

Offers from € 6900

Technical Data

The Hunter is a versatile heavy fighter and fighter bomber from the cold war era.

  • Service ceiling: 15.250 m
  • Range: 350-570 km
  • Maximum takeoff weight: 10.885 kg
  • Wingspan: 10,26 m
  • Length: 13,98 m

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Prices depending on flight time

  • 7500 € for a 25 minute flight

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We would like to advise you, that Hunter flights are not carried out regularly and have to be booked well in advance. Please contact us for current dates.

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