Fighter Jet Flight - seen on BBC "A Year of Adventures" with Ben Fogle

A rapid flight at a surprisingly reasonable cost is what we can offer fighter jet fans in the Czech Republic. At only a few kilometers from the German border, the Czech Aero L-39 Albatros is ready for boarding in Pilsen. The jet used to be the standard training aircraft of every Eastern Bloc airforce - and up until today serves numerous armies. Because of its agile and versatile flight characteristics, the L-39 Albatros is still used there as a training jet as well as a light ground attack aircraft.

The relatively inexpensive maintenance of the L-39 fighter makes it a quite cost effective model to fly in comparison with other aircrafts. Every MiGFlug customer experiences a flight with the L-39 as a thrilling and affordable experience and airforce pilots anyway swear by it.

Recently we had a star guest for a BBC-production: Ben Fogle flew in our L-39 Albatros fighter jet for "A Year of Adventures". Ben tweeted after his flight "I passed out when we pulled 5G in the fighter jet. Sitting in Prague feeling very peculiar. Incredible experience though I still feel sick." Ben did two flights in a row, since we did Air-to-Air filming and the BBC didn't have enough cameras to get a variety of shots in one flight only. Hence the reason Ben Fogle had to suffer a bit. Nevertheless, he loved the flight with Ladislav Kvarda from the Jet Team very much and called it one of the most extraordinary experiences in his life.

The Jet Fighter Experience Ben Folge had with MiGFlug is available to anyone.

Real Dog Fight Maneuvers - Control a L-39 Albatros Yourself!

What is nice to watch at airshows can indeed be a lifesaver during combat: Military pilots from all airforces train maneuvers like loops, rolls, Immelmann-turns, split-s, inverted flight, turns and cuban eights to be familiar with the capabilities of the aircraft in every situation. MiGFlug clients can experience these military aerobatics directly from the cockpit - because of the extreme G-forces, the limits lie with the passenger and not with the jet.

If you like to take matters into your own hands, you are at the right place with MiGFlug. After adequate training on the ground and demonstration in the air, you will be in control of the L-39 and will fly the aerobatic maneuvers yourself - at a breathtaking speed!

The Day of Your Life - on a Red Army Airbase!

Until the end of the Cold War, the huge airbase in the Czech Republic was home to multiple MiG-21 Squadrons. At times more than seventyfive MiG-21 supersonic fighter jets were stationed there. This aerodrome of the Red Army is now used for flights with the L-39 jet aircraft.

For today's circumstances the airbase is quite oversized and thus ideal for an aviation excursion. You can have a look at the old barracks or watch L-39-jets currently under restoration.

Extreme Low Passes - at 750 km/h

What turns a good pilot into an excellent pilot? His experience and the number of flying hours. Your personal pilot with MiGFlug in the Czech Republic is profusely equipped with both. As a former airforce pilot and test pilot of Aero Vodochody - the manufacturer of the L-29 Delfin, L-39 Albatros and L-159 Super Alca, flying at raging speeds has become a daily occurrence. An experience well-reflected in the pilot's trustworthy and calm disposition - on ground as well as in the air. You wouldn't want to entrust yourself to anybody else while performing the so called "low pass". This stunningly low flight - only a few meters above ground - is mastered only by few experienced pilots. Your L-39 pilot is one of them.

Enjoy a Weekend in Bohemia: Old Alleyways, Delicious Beer, and Opulent Meals await You.

A flight with MiGFlug in the Czech Republic can be ideally combined with a few relaxing days in Bohemia. The historic center of the city of Pilsen, with the St. Bartholomew cathedral and the many cozy restaurants with traditional cuisine welcome you. After sun-dawn, it's not time to go home yet: The city transforms itself and Czechs go out and ensure a vibrant night life. A further convenience: Due to the advantageous exchange rate for the Czech Koruna you'll have a great time in Pilsen and Prague without spending too much money.

The Day of Your L-39 Flight

When you arrive at the airport you'll meet your pilot. After the reception, you will go to a briefing room where you have time to extensively discuss the aircraft and the flight program with your pilot. You will then define your flight program together. Whether you'd like to do a calm tour or an action loaded airforce program, the pilot will oblige your wishes as much as possible. You'll also receive a comprehensive explanation of all safety systems on board and you'll be provided with a flight suit and a helmet for the day. Now, you are ready to go on to the ramp, where technicians have already prepared the aircraft. As soon as you've taken a seat in the cockpit, ground crew will adjust the restraints. The pilot is going to explain the important instruments to you once more. After checking if the intercom is working and receiving takeoff clearance, you are ready to go! Once in the air you'll have the chance to control the aircraft yourself and fly maneuvers like rolls or loops. The following maneuvers are part of the flight program:

  • Rolls
  • Immelmann-turns
  • Loops
  • Split-S
  • Steep ascent
  • Dives
  • Tail-chase
  • Extreme low passes (few meters above ground)

After Landing you have the possibility to make a souvenir photo with the pilot and the aircraft and you will receive a certificate that records your flight achievement. Afterwards, you have the possibility to refresh yourself with a drink or a toast to your fantastic adventure.

L-39 "Albatros"-
a flight in a real fighter jet doesn't have to be expensive!

Relatively easy to fly, good flight characteristics, excellent view from both seats, maximum g-load up to +8/-4G

No supersonic flights possible

More information about the L-39

Offers from € 1999 / USD 2399

Get to know the L-39

We have composed a manual and a video which explain how the L-39 works in an easy way.

Technical Data

The L-39 Albatros is a training aircraft that can also be used to engage ground targets.

  • Rate of climb: 21 m/s
  • Max. speed: 750 km/h at 5.000 m
  • Max. takeoff weight: 4.700 kg
  • Span: 9.46 m
  • Length: 12.13 m

Prices and booking

Price depending on flight time

  • 1.999 € for a 20 minute flight
  • 2.850 € for a 30 minute flight

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