Soon You Can Fly the Aero L-39 Albatros!

We Look Forward to Seeing You

We are happy to organise a L-39 Albatross jet flight for you.

On this page you will find useful information about the L-39 and your flight. Our partners form Lotus Simulations produced a Video-Walk-Through of the Cockpit and Systems of the Albatros. If you take the time to watch this 30 minutes video you will already understand how the L-39 works. In addition, you will find the manual of the L-39 as a download as well as information about how to find us.

If we have to postpone the flight because due to act of nature beyond control we will look for a new flight date together with you, without any additional fees.

This page has the following contents:

Become Acquainted with the L-39

We have composed a manual and a video which explains in a simple way how the L-39 works. They refer to the L-39 flight simulator, which is mostly equivalent to the real L-39 you will fly.

Technical Data

The L-39 Albatros is a training aircraft that can also be used to engage ground targets.

  • Rate of climb: 21 m/s
  • Max. speed: 750 km/h at 5.000 m
  • Max. takeoff weight: 4.700 kg
  • Span: 9.46 m
  • Length: 12.13 m

L-39: Manual

The manual contains a lot of useful information and explanations about the aircraft. You can download the manual here.

L-39: The Cockpit and Take-Off

The following three videos will show you the functions of the cockpit in detail. We suggest you take the time to watch them - the reward will be an even more interesting flight.

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Route Information to the Airfield

Your flight will take place at the St. Petersburg / Clearwater International Air Port. Approach the airport along the 686 Roosevelt Blvd and head into Fairchild Drive until you see the entrance way to the U.S. Coast Guard. Ask the guard for an escort vehicle of AVANTAIR. This car will drive you to the lobby where your pilot will be waiting for you. Follow the route according to the map below.

route map

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L-39 "Albatros"-
a flight in a real fighter jet doesn't have to be expensive!

Relatively easy to fly, good flight characteristics, excellent view from both seats, maximum g-load up to +8/-4G

No supersonic flights possible

More information about the L-39

Offers from € 1999 / USD 2399

What You Can Expect

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Weather Forecast

Visit this page shortly before your flight to get an up-to-date weather forecast.

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