Jet Flight in Germany - Fly a L-39 in Usedom

Since 2010 we also offer L-39 jet flights on Usedom, the sunniest island of Germany. We are proud to present the first jet flight offer in Germany with an experienced fighter jet pilot. Become a jet pilot for a day! Our fighter pilot has not only trained countless flight students on the L-39 Albatros, but was also a squadron commander. Furthermore, he has numerous flight hours on larger fighter aircraft like the famous Soviet air superiority fighter MiG-29 Fulcrum on his log.

Your L-39 pilot in Usedom is not only extremly experienced, but also very friendly, cordial and helpful. He is a cool guy, a real Top Gun kind of guy with a smile that easily tops Tom Cruise's! Our jet flight customers take him into their heart immediately and trust him blindly. You can concentrate yourself 100% on the enjoyment of your flight. We guarantee a breathtaking flight performance and quality that is unprecedented in the German-speaking countries.

Reachability – Appealing and Convenient

The aerodrome is very appealing and conveniently located. The holiday island Usedom is reachable directly via the Airport Heringsdorf (with Air Berlin and the OLT - Ostfriesische Lufttransport GmbH) by airliner from numerous cities (direct connections from Dortmund, Duesseldorf, Stuttgart (AB), Bremen, Koeln/Bonn, Frankfurt, München and Zuerich (OLT)). Pilots can of course directly fly to Peenemuende with their own aircraft.

Peenemuende can also be reached with a 2.5 hour drive from Berlin, via the congestion-free A11 and A20 (exit Guetzkow). Rental cars are available in Berlin at very advantageous rates, Berlin itself is easily reached by numerous low cost carriers. Furthermore the German capital itself makes for a worthwhile destination.

We recommend our customers to visit the former Stasi-Prison in Berlin-Hohenschoenhausen. The tours are led by former inmates. The guides can make you empathise what it ment to endure the psychological terror. The prison routines and the tricks of the Stasi interogators are demonstrated and explained.

The fighter jet flight offers on Usedom are therefor easily combineable with a short trip to Berlin or the shores of the Baltic.

Fly L-39 - Known from Pro7 and MDR

Departing from the former airbase Peenemuende, you as our client experience the ultimate flight. The former home of the 9th NVA fighter aircraft squadron is directly off the coast of the Baltic sea. Spectacular flight maneuvers are flown directly over the airbase. Your friends and relatives can watch your flight really close as they are standing on the airbase. All regulations regarding the preservation of nearby nature and bird reserves are of course strictly followed.

In December of 2010 the L-39 jet flight in Peenemuende was chosen as the number one adventure gift. We received this honor from the Pro7 reporter Harro Füllgrube. Harro flew a L-39 himself together with our pilot Pavel for an episode of his show for Galileo. was extremely thrilled.

Furthermore, we're happy to announce that the Mitteldeutsche Rundfunk MDR enables one of their spectators a flight in a L-39.

Unique Offer at a Historic Location in Germany

Flown from the former NVA-airbase in Peenemuende that aquired legendary status as a historic aerodrome on the Baltics' shores. The location is not only known as a missile test area, but also is considered the birthplace of modern spaceflight. In Peenemuende the remote controlled bomb Fi103 ("V1") and other guided missiles as well as fighter aircraft were tested. It was here that Adolf Hitler had the later NASA engineer Wernher von Braun push forward with the development of ballistic missiles. On 03.10.1942 the A4 ("Vergeltungswaffe V2") missile was launched from test site VII to a test flight, subsequently being the first man made craft to reach the stratosphere. This day would go down in the history books as the day human spaceflight was born.

The test site VII is right next to the airfield from where you will take off. After World War II, Peenemuende was used as a Soviet marine and airforce base. In 1961 the base was handed over to the NVA. Even today, many historical relics are still visible. The missile test site or the nearby naval shipyard with the worlds largest diesel-electric submarine, the Soviet Juliett U-461 are open for visitors, for instance. On the former NVA-airbase, i.e. where our flights take place, the Soviet MiG-23 Flogger mach 2 variable swept wing fighter used to take off. L-39 Albatros aircraft were also stationed here. The NVA-airforce had a total of 52 L-39 jets, of which some were used for target flights while towing the KT04 towable target. These flights were carried out by two L-39V (NVA number 170 and 171) as well as two L-39ZO (NVA number 200 and 222). Our L-39 was restored to brand new condition true to the original and licensed in the summer of 2010. This MiGFlug jet flies in the original camouflage paint job of the NVA-airforce and is a real looker.

L-39 "Albatros"-
a flight in a real fighter jet doesn't have to be expensive!

Relatively easy to fly, good flight characteristics, excellent view from both seats, maximum g-load up to +8/-4G

No supersonic flights possible

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Offers from € 1999 / USD 2399

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Get to know the L-39

We have composed a manual and a video which explain how the L-39 works in an easy way.

Jet flights from Usedom currently not available!

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