L-39 Flight over South Germany - Jet Flight over the Black Forest

Fighter Jet Ride over South Germany - for the first time you'll have the possibility to fly a fighter jet over South Germany. There are even two L-39s available for rides. Therefore it's possible to make formation flights with real jets. It's the only location in western Europe with this possibility.

Furthermore, the facilities is very exclusive. You'll start your flight experience in a brand new hangar. That hangar has also a very nice hotel and you can eat on a balcony in the hangar with the fighter jets. So the South Germany location is the first choice for incentive customers or corporate events.

Jet Ride with former Luftwaffe fighter pilots

Over the beautiful black forest you'll fly with a pilot from the German Air Force, the "Luftwaffe der Bundeswehr". These Luftwaffe pilots have thousands of flight hours. Among the fighter aircraft they flew during there military careeer were: Panavia Tornado fighter-bomber, F-4F Phantom Fighter Jet, Alpha Jet and after the German reunification even the MiG-29 Fulcrum interceptor aircraft from the former DDR Luftstreitkräfte (East German Air Force). So you are in good hands with a highly skilled and experienced military pilot.

Even tough your pilot has countless flight hours from the military career, they still enjoy every single jet flight hour. And you will feel this enthusiasm. A goody only available here is a nearby military training ground with old tanks that you can attack during the flight. During these simulated attacks (shooting is not allowed), you'll see the ground attack abilities these pilots have. Of course the pilot will always check if you feel good. The aim of this flight is not to show you what he's capable of - the aim is that you have as much fun as possible.

The German Luftwaffe is the one and only Air Force with a an Air base on US ground, the Holloman Air Force Base in New Mexico. The training in the F-4 Phantom and the Tornado with the US Air Force formed the German fighter pilots. The close cooperation between the German and the US Air Force ensures that the German pilots have the possibility to do the trainings over endless landscapes, and of course there is a know how transfer between the two Air Forces and the involved pilots.

Brand-new fighter jet ride - TV teams among first customers

The L-39 in South Germany is brand-new and easy to reach from Switzerland, the Lake Constance region, Stuttgart and whole Baden-Württemberg and South Germany. For people coming from abroad we recommend flying to Zurich international Airport. From Zurich, nearby Tuttlingen can be reached in slightly over 1h. We'll organize a transfer from Tuttlingen to the airbase.

The landscape in that area is also fantastic - nearby Lake Constance, the hills of Black Forest, old vulcanos, the Danube river valley etc guarantee for a fantastic flight area.

Among the first customer was the founder of our German partner, Jochen Schweizer. Also, we had television stations very interested. Of course we are very happy about the extremely positive feedback we received from the first regular customers.

L-39 "Albatros"-
a flight in a real fighter jet doesn't have to be expensive!

Relatively easy to fly, good flight characteristics, excellent view from both seats, maximum g-load up to +8/-4G

No supersonic flights possible

More information about the L-39

Offers from € 1999 / USD 2399

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Get to know the L-39

We have composed a manual and a video which explain how the L-39 works in an easy way.

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  • 2.600 € for a 20 minute flight
  • 3.800 € for a 30 minute flight

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