Weightlessness / Zero-G: Float Like Cosmonauts.

The Kick after the Kick - Experience Russia

High up in the air, you are in for a special adventure. Back on the ground Mother Russia awaits with her rich history and diverse places of interest. Visit the vibrant cosmopolitan city of Moscow, with its restaurants, shopping opportunities, bars and clubs. Anyone's appetite for culture is sure to be assuaged and the cordial hospitality of its inhabitants allows you to have many interesting conversations.

Totally Detached – Absolute Weightlessness in a Laboratory Aircraft

One day most of us gave up the dream of becoming an Astronaut. But now, at least we can fulfill your dream of weightlessness. A large transport aircraft of the type Iljuschin IL-76 MDK flies multiple parabola, one after another, that allow you to experience real weightlessness.

Apart from scientific flights, you can also fly privately and in groups to experience the state of weightlessness. It's the ultimate adventure - for company outings, unusual incentives or a very special gift experience. With MiGFlug, parabola zero-G flights are possible - contact us for more information.

Parabola Aircraft Boeing 727

Controlling the parabola accurately can be quite difficult, therefore the cabin of the Boeing 727 has been padded on the inside, to protect the passengers from injury during all phases of the flight.

Preparation at the ZPK / Star City

A zero-G flight requires careful preparation: On the day before your flight, you will receive a medical checkup by the medical personnel of the Juri Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center (ZPK). This is combined with a guided tour of Star City, where you can see the worlds largest centrifuge, built in 1980. The centrifuge rotates up to 36 times per minute, exerting up to 12 G of force on its occupant. The Hydrolab, where cosmonauts train to move in space suits as well as a 1:1 mockup of the MIR space station are also part of the tour.

On the Military Aerodrome, the IL-76 Is Based next to Combat Helicopters and Jets.

On the morning of your zero-G flight, you arrive at the ZPK in Star City. An on site employee will clear the last formalities and ensure that only authorized personnel - including you - may access the military area. A bus will pick you up at the ZPK. The crew consisting of cosmonauts, pilots and physicians are also on board of this bus. You'll drive over the Chkalovsky airfield together, passing military equipment as you reach the IL-76 MDK. You then board the aircraft and receive further instructions. You will be issued parachutes, not only for your own safety, but also so the instructors have the possibility to assist you during the weightless phases.

Your Zero-G Adventure Begins in Star City.

Star City is the picturesque English translation of the Russian name Zvyozdny gorodok - our location for your zero-G flight. This small settlement is located near the city of Shchyolkovo, to the north of Moscow, and contains the Juri Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center and the world's strongest centrifuge to simulate strong G-forces. You can optimally combine your unique weightless experience with a trip to the Russian capital.

Totally detached – absolute weightlessness in a laboratory aircraft

Experience real weightlessness, 12 phases of weightlessness are flown, the ultimate adrenaline rush.

Offers from € 4900

Weightlessness During a Parabolic Flight

The IL-76MDK is a laboratory aircraft that is based on the large transport aircraft IL-76MD. The inside of the cabin is padded in order to prevent injuries to the passengers during weightless flights. The crew consists of cosmonauts, instructors, laboratory personnel and a doctor.

Cost and booking a flight

We can offer you the whole aircraft including crew on a date of your request (for Groups of 1 up to 12 people). Alternatively we can offer you to join a Zero-G flight as a passenger. Please contact us about current dates.

  • Flight for a single person: 4.900 €
  • Book the whole aircraft: 49.000 €

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