Parabolic Flight - Experience Total Weightlessness!

The images of floating astronauts in total weightlessness fascinate everybody. This pleasure of weightlessness isn't only possible on the international space station ISS, but also far lower - with a parabolic flight onboard a modified Boeing 727 in the United States.

How Does Weightlessness during a Parabolic Flight Work?

How can weightlessness be achieved? The parabolic flight is an aerobatic maneuver that our customers can also request during our fighter jet flights. Only small parabola are possible there, and you can only "float" within the constraints of your seatbelts.

In the much larger Boeing 727 in the US and the Il-76 in Russia, it works like this: The pilot first gathers momentum and then starts a rapid ascent, which results in a force about twice the normal gravitational force of the earth. Afterwards the pilot pushes the controls forward, so that the aircraft follows a parabolic trajectory and eventually ends up in steep dive. During this phase the pilot can achieve the required weightlessness by monitoring a G-sensor. One phase of weightlessness lasts about 25 to a maximum of 30 seconds.

In this manner, zero G parabolic flights are flown. Apart from total weightlessness, a few parabola are also flown with the same gravitational pull as the moon, i.e. about 1/6th G.

Experience Total Weightlessness - Zero G

We'd love to organize a Zero Gravity flight for you. ZeroG flights in the USA start from different Zero Gravity flight locations, at specific flight dates. Primary Zero Gravity flight locations are: Cape Canaveral FL, Las Vegas NV and San Francisco CA. But Weightlessness flights also start from Austin TX, Dallas TX, Atlanta GA, Chicago IL, New York NY and Washington DC.

Just contact us if you are interested in a weightlessness experience.

Totally detached – absolute weightlessness in a laboratory aircraft

Experience real weightlessness, 12 phases of weightlessness are flown, the ultimate adrenaline rush.

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You can rent the whole zero gravity plane with a big group. If you are a small group or if you'd like to fly alone you can join one of the regular Zero Gravity flight dates. Just contact us for weightlessness flight dates and further information.

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