Fighter Jet Rides in Rhineland-Palatinate

After fighter jet rides were hardly available thanks to changes in the regulation - apart from the Czech L-39, the Polish MiG-15 and the Swiss Hunters the jets were grounded in 2012 - it became now possible again to operate jets in a reasonable and sustainable way. We are proud to offer the first L-39 with a new immatriculation under EASA law. And the jet fighter ride over Eifel in West Germany is available every day- weekdays and weekend. And it is also an extremely attractive location, like in Czech Republic, Poland and Switzerland the flight takes place from a former military airbase. You'll fly with a very experienced jet pilot. He learned to fly the L-39 with the famous display team Vyazma Rus. Like all pilots that fly with our customers he's also an instructor in case you are pilot and interested in a type rating.

The L-39 Albatros is a very attractive jet for unforgettable fighter jet rides. The view from the backseat is very good due to a higher seat position - and the jet is nice and easy to fly for inexperienced customers. The L-39 is well-known and popular from the Breitling Jet Team, James Bond and the Reno Air Race. The L-39 is comparably cheap to operate and therefore costs for an L-39 jet ride are reasonable compared to supersonic jet flights.

Fighter Jet Ride over the Eifel

Like everywhere with MiGFlug, the jet fighter ride over southwestern North Rhine-Westphalia is simply incredible:

  • Rolls
  • Immelman
  • Looping
  • Split-S
  • sporty climbing and vertical diving
  • Tail-Chase
  • If possible: High speed low pass over the airport runway

If the pilot will agree, you possibly can control the jet yourself during part if the flight, in high altitude. The whole event has a duration of 3 hours. If you are a bigger group, preparations like safety training flight system training and briefing can be done together. The additional duration will then be around 45min per person. Events with up to 8 flying participants per day (and unlimited spectators) are possible here.

You will start from a Cold War era US Air Base

During the Cold War era, the Airbase in the South Eifel was a US military airbase and home of the 36th Fighter Wing. From 1952 until 1994, the following jets operated from here: F-84 Thunderjet, F-86 Sabre, F-100 C/F Super Sabre, F-105 D/F Thunderchief, F-4 D Phantom II, F-15 A/B Eagle and  F-15 C/D. Also, it was home base of the famous display team Skyblazers, flying the F-100 C Super Sabre. The Spangdahlem Air Base is still and important airbase for the US Air Force nowadays. From Spangdahlem Air Force base, a part of the 3rd Air Force is still operating from here - along with Ramstein - and is home to the 52nd Fighter Wing with its F-16 C/D Fighting Falcon - and until 2013 - the A-10 Thunderbolt. 


L'L-39 è il nostro aereo più piccolo e allo stesso tempo più economico, ed è disponibile in diversi luoghi. E' un aereo d'addestramento che può essere anche utilizzato per colpire bersagli a terra. L'L-39 si distingue per la sua grande manovrabilità  e l'eccellente visibilità  da tutti e due i posti nel cockpit. Le ottime performance alle velocità  subsoniche rendono l'L-39 un aereo ideale per provare a costi contenuti il volo su un vero aereo da combattimento.

L-39 "Albatros"-
un volo su un aereo militare non deve essere necessariamente costoso!

Relativ einfach zu fliegen, gute Flugeigenschaften, hervorragende Sicht aus beiden Cockpits, mögliche G-Belastung von bis zu +8/- 4G

Kein Überschallflug möglich

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Prices and booking

Prices depending on flight time

  • 2.600 € for a 20 minute flight
  • 3.800 € for a 30 minute flight


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