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Seit 2004 durften wir hunderte Kunden aus Australien, Deutschland, Frankreich, England, Hong Kong, Kanada, den USA, der Schweiz, Slowenien, Saudi-Arabien, Österreich und weiteren Ländern begrüssen.


Hier finden Sie einige Rückmeldungen, die wir von begeisterten Kunden erhalten haben. Wenn Sie persönliche Fragen an unsere Kunden haben, kontaktieren Sie uns bitte - gerne stellen wir für Sie den Kontakt her.



Was unsere Kunden sagen

Carolina aus Los Angeles

What an experience!!!!! Michael LOVED his flight, your pilot could not have been more perfect as a pilot/guide for this adventure! Please accept all my gratitude and congratulations for having such a professional, personable, and genuinely nice gentleman as the L-39 pilot. My husband and him spoke for a long time before the flight and it was absolutely fascinating!

Ian aus Manchester


Hi Flavio, I hope you are well! Just a line to say what a fantastic time we had. Katia & all the people at the base could not have been more helpful - They even opened the base museum for us to have a lock around & afterwards Valerij (The base interpreter) showed us around the town.The flight itself was better than I had imagined! Yuri (The pilot) was a really friendly & professional guy - he let me fly it & also we went supersonic on afterburners!!


Julian aus Melbourne

I want to thank you for my recent FANTASTIC experience flying the L-39 out of Los Angeles. My pilot was extremely professional yet relaxed and friendly. I knew I was in good hands. We spent a great deal of time discussing what I wanted to do during the flight, rather than him just flying around with me in the backseat. A very nice touch. The safety briefing was very comprehensive, and at no time did I feel unsafe or uncomfortable.

The aircraft itself was superb, very comfortable, a spacious cockpit with great visibility. Taxiing out, the feeling of anticipation was sensational, only to be surpassed by the opportunity to eventually take control of the aircraft under Barry's expert supervision. This was a truly unforgettable experience. Once again, thank you for providing me with this unique opportunity.

René aus Dänemark

rene mig29 fulcrum

I hope you are well back in Switzerland and had a good trip to the airshow. I had a great time in Russia and the flight was worth every penny. Thanks for personally coming as well. Also, the driver who picked me up was a really nice guy and he refused to take a tip.